Environment our contribution

In order to protect the environment that surrounds us we have committed ourselves as much as possible to reducing our environmental “footprint”.
We clean our apartments exclusively with “Bensos*” products, that are ecological detergents produced from substances of vegetable origin.
To dry our laundry, we use a methane gas dryer whose combustion produces water vapor and carbon dioxide.
To heat our apartments and the water in the bathroom and kitchen we use exclusively methane gas boilers whose combustion produces water vapor and carbon dioxide.
In order to share our commitment to the environment we also kindly ask our guests to be careful when using water and detergents and we will provide you strict instructions regarding the waste separation. In order to reduce the disposal of plastic bottles, we invite our guests to use the free water dispenser located near the apartments. The dispenser provides room temperature, cold and even sparkling water.
Our guests will be thoroughly informed about the obligation to respect waste sorting as per municipal and waste collection companies regulations.